Construction Date Specific

When you are able to determine a realistic and accurate Date when a project will be able to be completed it enables the more efficient use of resources both financial and people. That is what we are able to accomplish for you!

We look at what work has really been completed, not just want is shown on the pay estimate, CPM Schedule or on the financial books, and determine what work is left to complete each individual item along with the entire project.

We take into account the difficulty of the work completed and left to be done. We also account whether the work that was completed and paid for needs to be redone or refurbished in order to proceed on. These are very important factors that are oftentimes overlooked when these projections are not done by experienced people with vast amounts of on-site experience.

We use all the latest scheduling procedures available in the industry. We also use the insight gained by working hands-on in the industry for over 40 years, which is more valuable than any computer program.

Specializing in
Construction Date Specific
& Cost Specific Projections
for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction and Highway and Bridge Construction

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