Cost Specific Projections

We will determine the True Cost to complete the project or the remaining work.  We look at every aspect of the project from the bid to the work completed to date to the work that will be required to fully complete the project.

We review all subcontracts in regard to their stability, quality of work completed along with their availability and ability to complete the remaining work.  We review all the subcontract terms and conditions and recommend or advise things that need to be done to produce the best and most expedient completion of the work.

Our on-site experience cannot be overlooked when analyzing the cost to complete the work.  We have done cost projections for 40 years and know the hidden pit-falls that occur when taking past performance and just projecting that unit cost forward, those numbers can be disastrous especially when accurate projections are vital to a company’s bottom line.

Examples of various cost projection reports that have been used by us are available for review.  We are capable of taking any system that was used during construction of the subject project and adapt it to accurately determine the “True bottom line”.  We are capable of following thru on how the work is progressing from that point forward, whether there is any slippage in the numbers and what to do about it to minimize the remaining cost to complete.


Specializing in
Construction Date Specific
& Cost Specific Projections
for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction and Highway and Bridge Construction

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